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What else I love besides astrology:
I'm an Aquarius with the Moon in Cancer rising. The Moon is opposite Mercury, which I 
consider my strongest planet. It took me a long time to figure out why. It is the most 
aspected planet in my chart, it is conjunct the prenatal New Moon, but it is also at the
North Bending of the nodes. I'm a writer who collects information. I want to know 'why!'
I went to graduate school thinking I would finally learn how the world worked. I got a PhD
in Molecular Toxicology and was still looking. I did post-doctoral research in Infectious
Immunology and was still not satisifed. It would take a long time. 

I dismissed astrology out of hand when a renowned astronomy professor declared 
astrology to be bunk because astrologers didn’t know about the precession of the 
equinox. Oh, how wrong he was—but I did not know that for years. Decades. Not until
a respected Shaman-Reiki Master held a two-hour introductory astrology class that I 
reluctantly attended. Didn’t he know astrology was bunk? That astrologers were too
stupid to know about precession? I didn't know how could he be so wise, knowledgeable,
and smart—and still believe in astrology. I suspended disbelief and went to hear what he 
had to say.

I have not been the same since. I walked out of that class a changed person. I was a newly published author, my publisher was awaiting my nearly finished second novel, and all I wanted to do was study astrology. I knew this was the answer I was looking for. One day online, I saw there was a horoscope for C.G. Jung and had to see it. I ordered the book—written by someone called Liz Greene. The book arrived. I stared at the chart and wondered what it meant? I had no clue. I started to read the book and got lost on the first page. Astrologers stopped seeming so stupid. I went to the bookstore and there was one astrology book. The Idiot’s Guide to Astrology. Perhaps, I was the idiot. I devoured the book. It’s excellent; simple, yet tantalizing. Still underestimating astrology, I vowed to learn everything there was to know about it.

I had no clue reading a chart was so difficult—or that the field was so vast. I put off my publisher and spent my days studying. I began dreaming of astrology. Unable to find a teacher in my area, I read books, while night after night I was lectured in my dreams. A year passed and I found a live teacher thirty miles up the road. Two hours south, I found two astrology groups, SFAA and NCGR, and began making bimonthly treks to attend day-long workshops. More years passed, and finally, I knew how to read a chart. I started my practice. I read clients charts, taught classes, conducted research, and began writing articles for The Mountain Astrologer and the Geocosmic Journal. After winning an American Federation of Astrologers contest, the Executive Director relentlessly badgered me to get certified. First, I had to learn how to erect a chart. Fifty miles north, I found an astrologer who could teach me. In May 2010, I was certified at the professional level. 

It is accurate to say that I live for astrology. For everything that happens of significance, I consult a chart. The vastly creative expression of the symbols and their correspondence with life events always astonishes me. A day without astrology is a wasted day. It connects me to the wonder of the sky, and to the mystery and magic of the world. 

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