I don’t know how astrology works. I just know that it does. I have no patience to argue with those who don’t understand astrology yet feel qualified to argue about why it is wrong. I do not believe the planets ‘cause’ anything. When we study the sky, we are discerning the prevailing energy of the moment. As C.G. Jung noted, there is a synchronicity between planetary placements and events on earth. Things happen together, without one causing the other. A while ago, I was studying hurricanes and a client happened to come with a chart of her child that looked like a hurricane chart. I mentioned this and learned the child indeed had been born during a hurricane. To me, to say the hurricane caused the child’s behavior is as absurd as saying the planetary alignment caused the hurricane. The three merely reflect the same energy. Behind the planets stand archetypes that are expressed in a multitude of ways—in a hurricane, a wanton child, or a Neptune-Pluto square. When you understand what the planetary placements mean, you begin to understand—and predict—what experiences might be associated with them.
I know that when you study astrology, you are faced quite quickly with the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of time, the purpose of life, and the question of fate and determinism. Simultaneously, astrology makes the world magical—and understandable. It explains why: why this happened. What is it does not answer is: how come? What’s it all for? Inexplicably, our life experiences are written in the sky. The words are the astrological symbols. When you learn the language of astrology, the sky speaks and tells the story of your life. 

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