--> Lunar Node Delineation

The lunar nodes are the two points of intersection of the lunar plane (Moon’s orbit) and the ecliptic plane (the earth’s orbit). When the Moon is at the North Node, it is coming up from below the ecliptic into the ‘north’. The Moon in the diagram is shown near the North Bending. At the South Node, the Moon crosses the ecliptic and goes below the ecliptic plane. The South Bending is at the nadir of the lunar plane and not visible in the diagram. 

The energy of a node is channeled through its ruler, and planets that conjunct the node or the bendings.

North Node energy is related to: ego development, manifestation, output, production, achievement, accomplishment, ease of expression, maturity, wisdom, power, knowingness and innate understanding of the physical world.

The North Node ruler is a driver of the chart and directs the energy of the North Node into practical expression in the physical world. A planet conjunct the North Node has power that translates into output and manifestation in the physical world. A planet at the North Bending is similar only its expression is exaggerated. 

South Node energy is: physically weak, naïve, uncivilized, vulnerable, inexperienced, immature, awkward, ignorant, clumsy and artless. There may also be deficiency, shortage, or absence. There is a lack of understanding of how the physical world works. However, the energy is also intuitive, spiritual, enlightened, and willing to sacrifice and be of service. It can be used inwardly for self-growth, and outwardly to assist others, or to produce a ‘great work.’

The South Node Ruler is initially associated with loss or weakness. It channels otherworld energy that is useful spiritually and can be expressed in service in the physical world. A planet conjunct the South Node is weakened and can cause problems in the manifest world, but has spiritual power and is best used for the greater good. A planet at the South Bending is similar only its expression is exaggerated.

A planet sextile, trine, or parallel (in either declination or latitude) the nodes or nodal rulers, receives a boost in energy that excites the planet. Planets quincunx the nodes acquire energy that can exacerbate a situation that has no resolution.

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